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Stephane Leonard was a member of various music ensembles like the Endliche Automaten (Laptoporchester Berlin) who he performed with as well as contributed compositions, JuliJuni an improvisor trio with Michael Rieken and Ansgar Wilken and Leo Mars a folk noise duo with Marcel Türkowsky.
He also performed under his own name Stephane Leonard and St. Leon or Saint Leon and the Grey.

At the end of 2010 Stephane stopped performing his music in a live situation. However his sound works can still be heard in installations, as works for films and on record.

This is an uncomplete list of Stephane´s live sound performances solo and in various groups.

date city/country venue project

      sept 15th Bremen/GER Videokunst Förderpreis / Tor 40 JuliJuni

          oct 16th Magdeburg/GER SinusTon Festival / Schauspielhaus EALOB**
          jun 21st Osijek/HR Galerija Waldinger EALOB**
          jun 19th Pécs/HU Headphone Fest solo*
          mar 29th Berlin/GER Madame Claude solo* /w Arrington de Dionyso
          mar 26th Berlin/GER NBI solo* /w Future Fluxus
          mar 20th Leipzig/GER Superkronik EALOB**
          mar 5th Oslo/NO Podium solo*
          feb 8th Bergen/NO Landmark solo*

              dec 19th Berlin/GER Frozen Sudhaus / Kindl Brauerei solo*
              sept 25th Oslo/NO Podium St. Leon /w BODi BiLL
              jun 20th Berlin/GER GlogauAir / Gestalt Festival Rasmussen & Leonard
              jun 19th Berlin/GER Maschinenhaus / Kulturbrauerei St. Leon /w Siva, Petula
              apr 30th Ruse/BG Canetti Haus EALOB**
              apr 24th Sibiu/RO Teatrul GONG EALOB**
              apr 23rd Timisoara/RO preview Simultan Festival 09 EALOB**
              apr 20th Osijek/HR Barutana EALOB**
              apr 16th Pécs/HU Muveszetek es irodalom Hasza EALOB**
              apr 06th Ústí n. L./CZ Armaturka EALOB**
              mar 30th Berlin/GER Madame Claude solo* /w Gilles Aubry
              jan 30th Berlin/GER Electronic Church solo* /w Sebastien Roux
              jan 12th Berlin/GER General Public solo* /w Shingo Inao

                  nov 15th Berlin/GER Electronic Church solo*, EALOB**
                  nov 05th Berlin/GER Valentin Stüberl / FROGGI night solo* /w Kid Ikarus
                  nov 02nd Berlin/GER NBI solo* /w Indian Jewelry
                  oct 25th Groningen/NL VERA downstage solo* /w Kasper van Hoek
                  sep 12th Bremen/GER BrePark show opening JuliJuni light
                  aug 14th Berlin/GER Electronic Church Fest solo*
                  jul 05th Frankfurt/GER Kleist Festival EALOB**
                  jun 14th Berlin/GER Alberto Ukebana solo* /w Koen Holtkamp
                  jun 1st New York/US Mehanata Bulgarian Bar solo*
                  mai 21st New York/US Monkey Town solo* & CTRL
                  mai 13th New York/US live radio set – free 103.9 solo*
                  mar 29th Berlin/GER Electronic Church Rasmussen & Leonard /w A. Chessex, T. Hori
                  mar 26th Berlin/GER ZMF Jomin Illberg /w Zweiss
                  mar 21st Berlin/GER Antje Øklesund Leo Mars
                  mar 6th Berlin/GER Festsaal Kreuzberg Keller Leo Mars /w A.S.T.R.O., …
                  feb 28th Gijon/ESP Laboral Centro de Arte solo*

                      dec 19th Mallorca/ESP Fundacio Sa Nostra EALOB** /w Pole
                      nov 25th Oslo/NO Sound of Mu solo* /w D. M. Grønvold
                      nov 16th Bergen/NO USF / Mediaverkstedet solo*
                      sep 22nd Berlin/GER kleiner Wasserspeicher EALOB**
                      sep 14th Berlin/GER Magistrale EALOB**
                      sep 01st Berlin/GER Hanswurst opening solo*
                      aug 25th Groningen/NL Jazz Fiets Tour Mr. Genius
                      aug 24th Groningen/NL Noorderzon Festival Mr. Genius
                      aug 11th Leizig/GER Headphone Festival solo* /w Triphaze, …
                      aug 10th Berlin/GER Staalplaat Store solo*
                      jul 13th Berlin/GER TESLA EALOB**
                      jun 10th Berlin/GER Ausland EALOB**
                      jun 02nd Berlin/GER Electronic Church solo*
                      jun 01st Joachimsthal/GER Biorama Project EALOB**
                      may 27th Rheinsberg/GER Schlosstheater / Wassermusik EALOB**
                      may 21st Berlin/GER Electronic Church / DMY solo*
                      may 12th Liège/B L´an vert solo* /w M. Marcoll
                      may 11th Bruxelles/B Ateliers Mommen solo* /w M. Marcoll
                      may 04th Berlin/GER Studio Forsterstr. 46 solo* /w O. Hochherz
                      apr 10th Berlin/GER NBI EALOB**
                      mar 29th Berlin/GER Club d. Polnischen Versager EALOB**
                      mar 24th Berlin/GER Raumerweiterungshalle Leo Mars
                      feb 25th Berlin/GER Zentrale Randlage EALOB**
                      feb 04th Berlin/GER Wendel solo*
                      feb 03rd Berlin/GER Electronic Church EALOB**
                      jan 18th Berlin/GER Schokoladen solo* /w Kid Ikarus
                      jan 13th Berlin/GER M12 EALOB**
                      jan 05th Berlin/GER Festsaal Kreuzberg Keller Leo Mars /w Hamborghini, …

                          nov 26th Berlin/GER Karmanoia Theater solo*
                          nov 25th Berlin/GER Electronic Church solo*
                          nov 23rd Berlin/GER Kule / Tape only solo*
                          oct 14th Berlin/GER Gelegenheiten solo* /w Anton Tornister
                          oct 06th Basel/CH Sinus Series Festival EALOB**
                          oct 03rd Berlin/GER Antje Øklesund solo*
                          aug 15th Groningen/NL City On A Roof solo*
                          jul 27th Berlin/GER Alte Fleischerei Türkowsky & Leonard
                          jul 14th Berlin/GER Raumschiff Zitrone Türkowsky & Leonard
                          jul 01st Bremen/GER Turmzimmer solo* /w M. Türkowsky
                          jun 30th Hamburg/GER Hörbar solo* /w M. Türkowsky
                          may 11th Barcelona/ESP OFFF Festival solo*
                          may 06th Berlin/GER Alte Buchbinderei Türkowsky & Cvar & Leonard
                          apr 25th New York/US Good Bye Blue Monday solo* /w Ben Owen
                          feb 23rd New York/US Diapason Gallery solo* /w Ben Owen
                          jan 26th Berlin/GER Roter Salon / Volksbühne JuliJuni
                          jan 25th Berlin/GER Staalplaat Store JuliJuni

                              dec 11th Bremen/GER Museum Weserburg JuliJuni
                              oct 19th Berlin/GER Frannz Club solo* /w SDNMT
                              jul 16th Bremen/GER Plastik Club JuliJuni light
                              jun 18th Zürch/CH Message Salon / Airliftproject solo*
                              jun 03rd Groningen/NL Puddingfabriek / Pavlov solo*
                              may 13th Berlin/GER Ausland solo* /w M. Türkowsky, …
                              may 07th Berlin/GER Kule Leo Mars /w M. Küchen, …
                              may 06th Lübeck/GER Musikhochschule solo* /w dis.playce
                              may 05th Hamburg/GER Fundbureau solo* /w dis.playce
                              may 04th Bremen/GER Plastik Club solo* /w dis.playce
                              apr 12th Bremen/GER ZAKK solo* /w Welttraumforscher

                                  oct 22nd Berlin/GER Ausland solo* /w Anne Laplantine
                                  sep 29th Manchester/GB Green Room solo*
                                  sep 24th Hamburg/GER Hörbar solo* /w Marc Behrens
                                  jul 09th Bremen/GER University of the Arts solo* /w HZT
                                  jun 19th Bremen/GER Plastik Club solo* /w dis.playce, HZT

                                  solo* = solo shows as Stephane Leonard
                                  EALOB** = shows with the Endliche Automaten (Laptop Orchester Berlin)