plastic doll

album (cd): 26 secret codes to brainwash your neighbour

label: naivsuper (CDR 002)

tracks: 1 – 26

naivsuper CDR 002
1 – 26 performed and recorded live by plastic doll:
Stephane Leonard, Claudio Pfeifer, Lars Trimborn
mixed by Stephane Leonard in Bremen, Germany
cover art by Stephane Leonard / print by naivsuper
p + c 2004 naivsuper & plastic doll
all rights reserved

26 secret codes to brainwash your neighbour is a lofi noisy impro album.
Wild loops, crackling electronics, analog hiss and glitch, small and quiet, loud and noisy… a record as diverse as the members of this project.
The sound is fresh and direct and completely produced without overdubs.