Stephane Leonard
album (tape): Exponat
label: Froggi Records (froggi:16)

side A
01. 17einhalb 02:11
02. Janvier für Arne 05:15
03. commune 05:46
04. beyond the Strassenbahn 04:22
05. wenn es dich nicht stört 05:53
06. user16 02:53
07. sandwurm 01:40

side B
08. form 09:00 *
09. tief oben 05:52
10. casiomann 08:04
11. tvun 04:08 *
12. nirgendwo, wahrscheinlich Island 01:27 **

* recorded by Andreas Manhart @ callastudio
** samples by Steffi
by Stephane Leonard 2001 – 2002
in Berlin and Bremen
cover art: Kid Ikarus
p + c 2006 froggi & Stephane Leonard
all rights reserved

This record is actually my very first full length solo album which I recorded in 2001 – 2002 on an old 8-track tape-recorder using all kinds of instruments and some effects.
At this time I didn´t even think about sharing it with the world and then a few years later when I thought about it, I realised that I had lost the final tracks and that the cassettes were too messed up to rebuild the songs… But when I moved earlier this year (2006) I found a backup CD in a box I completely forgot about…
long story short >>
I am very happy that it is released on tape now (from tape to tape). Everything else would have been just wrong.
Thank you very much Conrad!