artist: Stephane Leonard

album (webrelease): Please destroy me

label: Frozen Elephants Music (fe014)

free download:

Frozen Elephants Music fe014 (webrelease) / all sounds by Stephane Leonard / created between 2009 – 2010 in Berlin and Bergen / artwork: Peter Prautzsch / publishing lisence provided by the Creative Commons project

“After my last full-length album Lykkelig Dyr was published 2 years ago (2008), I have finished recording about 2 new albums. Unfortunately both did not sound like I imagined or wanted my next release to sound like so I started to destroy most of the material again and kept on writing. Somewhere along the way 8 small pieces emerged and formed a group or a short record which I kept. Within those pieces I found elements from the past and some up to date ideas and some things that I donĀ“t understand, which is always good and exciting.
Please destroy me is not a follow up to Lykkelig Dyr but it is somewhere in the middle, somewhere along the way or maybe a crossroad on my way to …” (Stephane Leonard)