(The act of accompanying or escorting, especially for protective purposes.)

A group of travellers of unknown origin arrive out of nowhere into an open landscape.
Over the course of a day, they explore and scan the environment with their unique handmade triangular antennas.
Through their sensual decoding of information and hypnotic choreography of sign language, a necessity of care for this strange and beautiful planet emerges…

by Claudia Hill & Stephane Leonard

year of production: 2017
duration: 9.23 min

Ivan Ekemark
Hana Lee Erdman
Jared Gradinger
Claudia Hill
Maria F. Scaroni

production – Claudia Hill
artwork & costumes – Claudia Hill
camera & edit – Stephane Leonard
sound & music – Stephane Leonard
additional sounds – Lukasz Polowczyk
audio mastering – Martin Silbernagl
title design – Martin Eichhorn

supported by Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods