– sound installation for 7 speakers, computer, sound card and amplifier (2007)
– composition for the Endliche Automaten – Laptop Orchestra Berlin (2010)

Panorama is a 7 channel sound installation. A composition spread out over 7 speakers. The piece is 11:30 minutes long and played back in a continues loop.

Panorama is based on a series of drawings about outer-space. The audio material was mostly created from modulations of recordings from outer-space offered by the NASA. I used recordings of cosmic storms, radio wave emissions from saturn, earth whistlers, electromagnetic fields, sky cyclones, etc. which were captured by satellites. I later deconstructed and manipulated those sounds with the help of a self-coded software to integrate them into the composition.
The piece opens the view upwards. Unknown sounds draw the listener inexorably deeper into the composition. The swelling of noise and the amount of overlapping tones make the listener come closer to the individual speakers to discover the single elements within the wall of sound. The focus of the piece changes, depending on the position of the listener.

installation view at the University of the Arts Bremen gallery

In 2010 I rewrote the composition and adapted it for the ´Endliche Automaten´, a Laptop Orchestra from Berlin. The orchestra contains of 6 performers with Laptops. Each performer was given a handful of sounds and a score.
The possibilities seem almost endless and the interesting part was to draw scores which would limit them as much as possible without taking the personal element of the performers away.