Stephane Leonard (born 1979 in Berlin), lives and works in Brandenburg. Leonard studied Philosophy and Art History at the Humboldt University of Berlin and Fine Arts with an emphasis on Drawing, Film / Video, and Sound in the classes of Prof. Paco Knöller (master class) and Prof. Jean-François Guiton at the University of the Arts in Bremen.
Leonard is a co-founder of the Plastik Club collective in Bremen and of naivsuper, an artist collective, label, and publishing house based in Berlin. Since 2014 he has been a guest lecturer at the department for Industrial Design at the University of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Economics Berlin, where he teaches drawing and sound art.
In 2007 Leonard won the Video Art Price of the City of Bremen. This was followed by more awards at film festivals for his video works, residencies in Norway and Portugal, several exhibitions of his video and sound works, as well as drawings and paintings in Germany and abroad. He received exhibition stipends from the city of Berlin and a studio grant from the State Brandenburg in 2018.
In 2019 Stephane Leonard won the “Brandenburgischer Kunstpreis”, the Art Prize of Brandenburg.

Since 1995, Leonard has been active as an artist. First, as a street artist and later as a painter, a drawing, sound, and video artist.
In recent years, Leonard made a name for himself not only for his drawings but also as a director of internationally acclaimed music videos.

Stephane Leonard was born in East-Berlin in 1979. His father, an architect with an education from the art school in Berlin Weißensee, introduced him to the Bauhaus school at an early age. The interdisciplinary works of the Bauhaus artists have left a deep impression. After high school, he went on to study philosophy and art-history and later fine arts at the University of the Arts in Bremen, where his professor Paco Knöller, one of Germany’s most renowned drawings artists, encouraged him to go beyond just paper and canvas.
In 2002 besides studying drawing, painting, and print-making, Stephane got his hands on a video camera and started making films and videos. Taking advantage of the music department of the University of the Arts in Bremen, he was also able to sign up for electronic music composition classes, which has led to numerous of his own sound compositions and publications. Since then Stephane has won the video art price of the city of Bremen in 2007, became a director of internationally acclaimed music videos, has performed and published his sound works all over the world and shown his drawings and paintings in New York, Oslo, Vienna, Istanbul, Bangkok, Riga, Sydney, Kansas City, Hamburg, Berlin, and Porto…

curriculum vitae

1979 born in Berlin – Lichtenberg
2000 baccalaureate in Berlin
2000-2001 civil service in Berlin
2001-2002 studies philosophy & art history at the Humboldt University, Berlin
2002-2007 studied fine arts, video art, and sound art at the University of the Arts Bremen (Professor Paco Knöller, Professor Jean-François Guiton)
2005-2006 lives and works in New York, NY, USA
2007 diploma in fine arts
2007-2008 Meisterschüler (honor student) at the University of the Arts, Bremen (Professor Paco Knöller)
since 2008 lives and works in Berlin and Brandenburg



2007 winner of the Video Art Price from the city of Bremen, Germany
2008 nominated for the master student scholarship: Junge Kunst Essen, Germany
2009 composition journey through South and Eastern Europe with the Endlichen Automaten (Laptop Orchestra Berlin) sponsored by the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the Hungarian cultural capital Pécs and the Goethe-Institut
2010 Artist In Residence at the USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway
working grant for the Endliche Automaten (Laptoporchester Berlin) in Pécs, Hungary
2011 winner of the Award of Excellence at the Los Angeles Movie Awards for the music video: Bodi Bill – Brand New Carpet
2012 Best Music Video Award at the Porto7 Oporto International Film Festival for the music video: Bodi Bill – What
2013 exhibition stipend by the city of Berlin for the Galerie im Turm (state-run art gallery)
2015 Artist in Residence and exhibition stipend at Maus Habitos in Porto, Portugal
2016 exhibition stipend for the Temporäre Galerie in der Quartiershalle Campus Rütli – CR²
2018 studio grant from the State Brandenburg
2019 winner of the Brandenburg Art Prize
2021 winner “Kunst am Bau” Freie Universität Berlin “Campus of Excellence”


achievements / involvements

2002 co-founder of the Plastik Club in Bremen (a group of artists who curated shows, concerts, and happenings in Bremen)
2003 co-founder of the naivsuper artist collective which later turned into a label for experimental music, a film production collective, and a publishing house for artist books, catalogues and collectables
2007-2009 curator for the Electronic Church – experimental music & art venue in Berlin
2013 grand jury member of the Berlin Music Video Awards 2013



2014-2021 guest lecturer for drawing and sound art – Industrial Design – HTW / University of Applied Sciences, Berlin


publications (audio & print*)

2003 Stephane Leonard: Schmalfilmer EP – CDR – Sinnbus Records (GER)
2004 Stephane Leonard: Schmalfilmer RMX 2003 – CDR – naivsuper (GER)
plastic doll: 26 sctbyn – CDR – naivsuper (GER)
Stephane Leonard: Hörtheater – CDR – naivsuper (GER)
2005 Stephane Leonard: bon Voyage – webrelease – plakatif (GER)
Stephane Leonard: elegy – web release – Serein (Wales, UK)
2006 Stephane Leonard: TRi – web release – Luvsound (USA)
Stephane Leonard: EXPONAT (taperelease) – Froggi Records (GER)
2007 Stephane Leonard: Crown Heights, Brooklyn – web release – Luvsound (USA)
2008 Stephane Leonard: Lykkelig Dyr – LP / CD – Heilskabaal / naivsuper(NL+GER)
Leo Mars: lightears – CDR – naivsuper (GER)
2009 *Stephane Leonard: Au clair de la lune – book – naivsuper / syntagma (GER)
*Stephane Leonard: TREES – book – naivsuper + syntagma (GER)
2010 Stephane Leonard: Please destroy me – webrelease – Frozen Elephants (GER)
Endliche Automaten: Composition Journey – DVD- Robert Bosch Stiftung (GER)
2011 *Stephane Leonard & Martin Eichhorn: LOVE – book – naivsuper / syntagma (GER)
2012 *Stephane Leonard: SHINE – book – naivsuper / syntagma (GER)
*Stephane Leonard: noise – book – PogoBooks (GER)
2013 *Stephane Leonard / Claudio Pogo: HOUSTON I AM THE PROBLEM – book – PogoBooks (GER)
2015 *Stephane Leonard: Chasing A Ghost – artist book – PogoBooks (GER)