bon Voyage

> artist: Stephane Leonard > album (mp3s): bon Voyage > …

> artist: Stephane Leonard
> album (mp3s): bon Voyage
> label: plakatif webrelease (plak014)

> songs:
01. saturn 4.00
02. salut alien 2:00
03. miscommunication 2:00
04. translations: answer (to dis.playce) 2:00
05. adieu 2:00
total time 12:00

> general:
plakatif webrelease
by Stephane Leonard 2005
on Mars and Saturn
(additional recordings from moon and earth)
cover art: Martin Eichhorn
p + c 2005 plakatif & Stephane Leonard
all rights reserved
takk: Jyrgen, Martin, Hille

> info:
*bon voyage* takes us to distant places. This EP is a collection of five musical / electroacoustic sketches. A muscial travelogue showing diversity, subtility and humoresque randomness.
Besides music Stephane Leonard covers painting, installation, video arts and film. Visit his website and find plenty of links, a huge list of his musical and visual ideas and projects. It is really worth staying around for a while. This sensbile artist is clever enough to undertake many study trips and finds: Alternation, here in the form of snapshots that illustrate what is happening or has happened, though they are somehow timeless. (Jyrgen)