> artist: Stephane Leonard > album (mp3s): TRi > label: …

> artist: Stephane Leonard
> album (mp3s): TRi
> label: luvsound webrelease (luv009)


> songs:
01. trails 10:27
02. trockenschwimmen 5:39
03. kreisstück 3:07
total time 19:02

> general:
luvsound webrelease
by Stephane Leonard 2005 – 2006
in New York and Berlin
cover art: Claudio Pfeifer
p + c 2006 luvsound & Stephane Leonard
all rights reserved


    by Marc Weidenbaum –
    At home amid the ruptures of constantly shifting sonic data, Stephane Leonard has produced a three-track set for the Luv Sound netlabel (, titled tri, that is far more listenable than it should be. One track (“Trails 2,” MP3) extends for 10 minutes into sharp if attenuated noise, the background static of a bad dream; midway through, something that sounds like a teletubby injects a scary-cute “la la la.” It would be distracting were it not so perfectly placed that you look forward to it on each listen. The keeper, “Kreisstueck” (MP3), opens with real-world audio, the distant car horns like an orchestra tuning up, the wind rushing by a familiar rough texture to anyone who’s dabbled in field recording, only to step suddenly through a window into something entirely synthetic. More info at