´´ was a series focussing on reproduction and proportions. The …

´´ was a series focussing on reproduction and proportions. The idea was to zoom in on a selection of drawings taken from the 2007 and 2008 sketchbooks and to take a closer look at the lines.
Some of the drawings were step by step enlarged with copy machines, some were just copied and some were manipulated while being copied.
The general idea is that within the lines of a drawing artist one can read everything about the artist – the intentions, emotions, state of mind… In a good drawing one supposedly can feel and see the presence of the artist.
The questions is what happens to that presence when a drawing is copied, reproduced, printed and even changed in size and proportion, mechanically enlarged or transferred from colour into black and white?

In an exhibition at the OWSUM Artspace in Groningen, NL original drawings and copies were shown on opposite walls, looking at each other, questioning one another. Unfortunately all the exhibited works got stolen when the OWSUM Artspace got robbed in 2008.

Installation view at the OWSUM Artspace in 2008: