John In A Jaar (2012)

“John In A Jaar is an installation made of everyday …

John In A Jaar is an installation made of everyday things I collect and/or find in my studio.
Every single one of these components has it´s very own meaning and purpose and can actually be found in a lot of places or easily bought in stores.
I am interested in what happens when you combine them and arrange them in a way that suggests a new purpose and a new meaning. In this particular installation I wanted to create a set up which doesn´t seem quite finished, yet or which has already served a certain purpose and has now been taken apart again. The set up is frozen in time in between 2 different states. The idea behind this particular arrangement is that of a set up for an experiment. This can be a film experiment, a sound experiment or a scientific experiment. The different components allow to be either one of those.
The thought that something interesting, something creative or innovative will happen or has happened is what I am after and curious about.

John In A Jaar comes in an edition of 3. None of the pieces will include any of the particular parts you can see in the photographs below. The artwork is a certificate with a list of things and a sketch that shows you exactly how to arrange the individual parts. It doesn´t matter that some of the components will look different or will be from a different brand. It is important and part of the piece that only available materials will be included.”
(Stephane Leonard, 2012)

list of parts:
– 2 speaker stands
– 3 lightstands
– 2 wooden stands with adjustable height
– 1 camera tripod
– 1 cable reel
– 2 glass tanks (fish tanks), one unwrapped and one in original packaging
– 1 photo light table
– 1 glass cylinder
– 2 wooden planks
– 3 empty plastic water bottles

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