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Stephane has just published his video Showreel. It is only …

Stephane has just published his video Showreel. It is only a small overview of his video output of the last few years. Enjoy it here.


Thanks to everyone who came out to the exhibition at the Galerie im Turm in Berlin!
Pictures from the exhibition can be found right here.


In the last couple of month Stephane was also working on a few new music videos which will be published soon.
The video for the wonderful band Rue Royale is already out. It was shot during one warm summer night in Stephane´s house in Brandenburg. Watch the video here.


Troy von Balthazar concert inside the exhibition of Stephane Leonard
Saturday August 10th, 7 PM, Galerie im Turm, Frankfurter Tor 1, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain

YOU ARE MY FREEDOM / I AM YOUR PRISON – the title of the current exhibition at the Galerie im Turm refers to a line by the hawaiian musician Troy von Balthazar.
At 7 pm Stephane Leonard will answer any questions about his work. At 8 pm sharp Troy von Balthazar will play a semi-acoustical concert which he has developed especially for the exhibition space.

You can find the song with the mentioned line here.
Troy von Balthazar and Stephane Leonard shot a video for Troy´s music some years ago which you can find here.
More information:

The website MitVergnügen wrote a nice special about Stephane Leonard (in german only) > ArtVergnügen #40

There is a radio special online about Stephane Leonard (german only). It was aired on july 18th at the RBB culture radio station in Berlin & Brandenburg.

On july 18th 2013 a solo show with a brand new series of paintings/drawings will open at the Galerie im Turm in Berlin. The show will be open until september 1st.
For the past few months Stephane was working on a series of large scale canvases. As in previous works he started working from a full printed on canvas and then step by step replaced and eliminated the preprinted images and texts.
The show is curated by Lena Fliessbach and more info can be found HERE.
Facebook Event

Gallery statement:
“For his new series YOU ARE MY FREEDOM / I AM YOUR PRISON Stephane Leonard works with acrylic lacquer and spray paint on large-sized prints on canvases. He overlays the found prints, conceals messages and erases images. The information and photographs which lie under these drawings represent and stand for all the things we do not know, we do not see, and what we do not understand.

The process of transformation and change of condition are topics which Stephane Leonard explores frequently in his work. In earlier series he has worked on adopted images and found footage. He fills in the intermediate spaces and inscribes signs of invisibility and the supernatural throughout the images.” (Lena Fliessbach)


Stephane´s drawings will be in a Group Show at Sixtus Villa in Berlin Kreuzberg.
The show opens on may 23rd and will be open until may 26th.
Curated and organised by artistdock.
More infos HERE.


Thank you for coming to the Double Solo Exhibition HOUSTON I AM THE PROBLEM by Stephane Leonard & Claudio Pogo!
A catalog of the show will soon be available at PogoBooks.
Here you can find a few impressions of the opening.


Stephane´s solo exhibition CRAZY DIAMOND at the STAUB Shop/Studio gallery in Berlin will be open until february 7th (wednesday through saturday). More infos > STAUB Temporary. The exhibition feature drawings from the series SHINE.


The book noise is available at the PogoBooks Webshop.
The book SHINE is available at the naivsuper Webshop.

Stephane´s book SHINE was part of the Zine Pages Fest in South Korea.

Two new books of Stephane´s drawings will be published at the end of September.
Stephane will be present at the NEW YORK ART BOOK FAIR where they will be on display and of course for sale.
Find the books and Stephane at the PogoBooks table and get your personal copies signed. (Level 2 / Room Q / MoMA PS1 / Queens, NY)
For further information visit: NY ART BOOK FAIR and POGOBOOKS!

Stephane made a few new smaller music videos:
Halfway Blind by the wonderful band Rue Royale
Don´t Be So Hot by the great Me And My Drummer
d hermetik g for Boris Hegenbart & David Grubbs

Stephane co-produced a new music video for the norwegian artist Einar Stray.
You can watch it here.

A new music video directed by Stephane is out now. The band is called ME AND MY DRUMMER, the song is called HEAVY WEIGHT and you can watch it right here.

Stephane just got signed by the fantastic London based production company ROKKIT as well as the superb OB Management. Expect more exciting videos in the future.

The latest video directed by Stephane Leonard is online. Go check out the great german singer CÄTHE.

The video for the band Me And My Drummer is now online > You´re A Runner!

Stephane Leonard is now represented in France by the wonderful production company COBALT.

Please meet ME AND MY DRUMMER – a fantastic new band from Berlin. Stephane was working the camera for a small clip you can watch here and directed their debut music video coming out on january 17th 2012 and having it´s first showing on the big screen right here!

There is a small new music video out there on the internet, directed by Stephane Leonard. The video is for the song Little Heart written by the wonderful band Hundreds but interpreted by the norwegian artist Einar Stray. You can watch it right here.

Stephane Leonard directed a new music video for the band BODi BiLL. The video is called WHAT? and it can be watched right here.

Another small video for the german singer Naima Husseini, written and directed by Stephane Leonard can be found here.

The naivsuper Book project curated by Stephane Leonard and Claudio Pfeifer has published 3 wonderful new books! Check them out right here.

The Video can be found here.

New drawings by Stephane Leonard will be included in a small group show at the General Public Artspace in July 2011.

naivsuper Book & PogoBooks V.03
opening: july 16th 2011 / 7PM
address: General Public / Schönhauser Allee 167c / Berlin

The exhibition will be open for one week only!
These are the opening hours:
daily 2PM – 7PM (closed on monday!)
special filmscreening on wednesday july 20th / 8PM (including films and videos by Stephane Leonard)
finissage with live music saturday july 23rd / 7PM

Stephane Leonard made a music video called BRAND NEW CARPET for the band BODi BiLL. You can watch it here.

A small book by Stephane Leonard collaborating with Martin Eichhorn is out on naivsuper Book.
The book is called LOVE and it includes drawings, sketches and experiments from the cover art of the record LOVE FOREVER by the swedish band ALARMA MAN.
You can look into the book here, buy the book right here and check out the record here.

New drawings by Stephane Leonard will be included in 2 small group shows this spring.
1) PogoBooks at Sprungturm gallery in Cologne
opening: march 11th 2011 / 6PM
address: Albertusstr.4 / 50667 Köln
2) PogoBooks & naivsuper Book at Neonchocolate gallery Berlin
opening: april 9th 2011 / 7PM
address: Lychener Straße 23 / 10437 Berlin

A couple of new videos directed by Stephane Leonard are out. One song is called Solace by the wonderful band HUNDREDS. You can watch the video here and a small making of here. The other video is called Krise by the Berlin based band PEER – please watch it here.

More information about the bands can be found here: and here: and for PEER follow this link.

A little older is the small new music video for Troy von Balthazar. Troy is also know as a member of the hawaiian band Chokebore. The video is a collaboration between Troy and Stephane and you can watch it here: video

More information can be found here:
and here: 3rd side records

Stephane Leonard contributed a few drawings to the new Alarma Man record cover. Check it out right here. A small book with more related drawings should be out by the end of this year.

The experimental music video Thuwe Pt.2 with music from Berlin´s SDNMT and a new short film called Lost (both collaborations between Stephane Leonard and Claudio Pfeifer) are included in a group exhibition in Riga, Estonia.
The exhibition is called STERNE SEHEN (gazing into the stars) and it will take place at the Riga Art Space from september 4th until october 3rd 2010.

More information can be found here:

naivsuper Book including books by Stephane Leonard was invited to participate in the exhibition EVEN MY MUM CAN MAKE A BOOK at the Manzara Perspectives gallery in Istanbul, Turkey.

More information can be found here:
and here:

Stephane Leonard on tour – a solo show in Pécs in Hungary at the Headphone Festival and a show in Osijek, Croatia with the Endliche Automaten / Laptop Orchester.

Not long ago a brandnew small solo album was released for free on the internet.
“Please destroy me” is not yet the follow up to “Lykkelig Dyr”, it is rather the publication of a process, an inbetween moment. Please download it for free:

You can listen to one new piece here:

New trailer for the Band Bodi Bill – please watch it here.

New clips in the concert diary.

A fun new clip for Berlin´s PEER Band – watch it here.

naivsuper Book has 2 new publication and a super new Shop.
Yumiko Hegenbart-Matsui > yesterday, today, tomorrow.
Ansgar Wilken > immer wenn ich versuche fiese fliegen zu machen werden daraus schöne blumen.

A very tiny short piece of sound is featured in an online museum called: – go to Gallery – there will be sound immediantely, randomly picked from one of the 9 participating artists: Kim Cascone, Christophe Charles, Daisuke Ishida, Greg Haines, Kyoka, Miwon, Stephane Leonard, Catherine Fern Lewis and Nicolas Wiese.

Still available Stephane´s last full-length album: Lykkelig Dyr.
You can buy the wonderful LP which sounds super cool and looks fantastic with Jason Yates artwork or the CD with a limited edition handmade silk screen print > > > here!!!
If you care for some reviews go to the naivsuper label website: here!!!
or go directly to these great articles: calls Stephane Leonard´s new album ´Lykkelig Dyr´ “it’s a damn fine one. One of my favorite albums so far this year.” – read the whole article here:! calls the album a “a spell-binding sleepwalk between soft Noise and beautifully brittle Sound Art…” – read this great article / interview here:!

In may 2008 Stephane did a radioshow in Brooklyn – you can download it for free: