Endliche Automaten

´Endliche Automaten´ is a Laptop Orchestra from Berlin who interprets …

´Endliche Automaten´ is a Laptop Orchestra from Berlin who interprets and re-constructs electro-acoustic pieces of contemporary audio art and electronic music. The musicians form an ensemble of laptops, each functioning similar to an instrument within an orchestra. The combination of this multi-coherent network of sounds, the latest software, and versatile audio systems continually opens up new possibilities for interpretations. The fundamental idea behind the Endliche Automaten | Laptoporchester Berlin (EALOB) is to create and maintain an extensive repertoire of electronic, electro-acoustic and audio-visual compositions – which can be presented live in changing constellations, similar to what a traditional ensemble does. The transition between visual art, sound art and human stage presence is the integral element of EALOB’s performances.
Endliche Automaten | Laptoporchester Berlin is permanently experimenting with different configurations of sound and vision.

The orchestra was found in 2005 in Berlin and currently consists of 7 members.


Alexander Augsten
Marek Brandt
Oliver Kiesow
Stephane Leonard
Shintaro Miyazaki
Sven Ihlenfeld
Nicolas Weiser


Shintaro Imai
Stefan Hochmuth
Tetsuya Hori
Takeshi Nishimoto
Hagen Wiel (video)
Wenke Schladitz (video)
Telematique (video)
Øystein Hvamen Rasmussen (drums)

Emeriti = ex-members:

Hendrik Kröz aka Miwon
Andres Jankowski aka Munro = cushioncaroms
Martin Klemmer (sound engineer)
André Klein (booking)

For more information please visit the website www.endliche-automaten.de