music video trilogy (2013) In 2012 Stephane Leonard was approached …

music video trilogy (2013)

In 2012 Stephane Leonard was approached by the Hamburg based band Clarence+Napoleon to direct 3 music videos.
Even though the 3 songs are not connected, Stephane was able to convince the band to visually weave the 3 videos together.

title: Clarence+Napoleon – Breaking The Silence
release date: march 13th 2013
duration: 3.19 min

    title: Clarence+Napoleon – 5 Seconds
    release date: april 19th 2013
    duration: 3.42 min

      title: Clarence+Napoleon – Angels
      release date: august 19th 2013
      duration: 3.46 min

        director: Stephane Leonard
        producer: naivsuper, ferryhouse productions
        writer: Stephane Leonard
        camera: Claudio Pfeifer, Mario Krause, Katharina Diessner
        editor: Stephane Leonard
        composer: Clarence+Napoleon (Anna Bauer, Arne Straube)


        camera – Claudio Pfeifer
        camera assistance – Mario Krause
        camera assistance – Katharina Diessner
        light – Oliver Buschner
        light assistance – Bodo Splisteser
        styling – Dörte Lange
        hair / make up – Nadin Wagner
        costume (white dress) – Josephin Thomas

        intern: Camie Karstanje

        light supervision – Benjamin Erdenberger
        production supervision – Arne Ghosh