On April 4th 2014 opens Stephane Leonard´s new solo exhibition at the okazi gallery in Berlin. Please join us for the opening or stop by during Gallery Weekend in May.

opening reception april 4th, 7pm
open from april 4th – may 15th 2014
wednesdays 2pm – 6pm and upon request: 030 -70 22 6615 or Berlin Gallery Weekend: May 3rd/4th, 2pm – 6pm

address: Türrschmidtstrasse 18, 10317 Berlin, Germany

Stephane will show new large scale canvases and smaller works on paper. Pencil drawings and full colour explosions, acrylics applied with brushes and spray techniques, geometric shapes and organic lines.

During the opening the musician Sebastian Cleemann aka Petula aka UNS will perform his music for openings – guitar loops and background noise.

    Stephane has made a new music video. The video is a collaboration with the artist and musician Mariechen Danz and it was created for her band UNMAP.
    Watch it right here.

    Stephane has also just published his video Showreel. It is only a small overview of his video output of the last few years. Enjoy it here.

      Thanks to everyone who came out to the exhibition at the Galerie im Turm in Berlin!
      Pictures from the exhibition can be found right here.

      In the last couple of month Stephane was also working on a few new music videos which will be published soon.
      The video for the wonderful band Rue Royale is already out. It was shot during one warm summer night in Stephane´s house in Brandenburg. Watch the video here.

        Troy von Balthazar concert inside the exhibition of Stephane Leonard
        Saturday August 10th, 7 PM, Galerie im Turm, Frankfurter Tor 1, 10243 Berlin-Friedrichshain

        YOU ARE MY FREEDOM / I AM YOUR PRISON – the title of the current exhibition at the Galerie im Turm refers to a line by the hawaiian musician Troy von Balthazar.
        At 7 pm Stephane Leonard will answer any questions about his work. At 8 pm sharp Troy von Balthazar will play a semi-acoustical concert which he has developed especially for the exhibition space.

        You can find the song with the mentioned line here.
        Troy von Balthazar and Stephane Leonard shot a video for Troy´s music some years ago which you can find here.
        More information:

          The website MitVergnügen wrote a nice special about Stephane Leonard (in german only) > ArtVergnügen #40

          There is a radio special online about Stephane Leonard (german only). It was aired on july 18th at the RBB culture radio station in Berlin & Brandenburg.

            On july 18th 2013 a solo show with a brand new series of paintings/drawings will open at the Galerie im Turm in Berlin. The show will be open until september 1st.
            For the past few months Stephane was working on a series of large scale canvases. As in previous works he started working from a full printed on canvas and then step by step replaced and eliminated the preprinted images and texts.
            The show is curated by Lena Fliessbach and more info can be found HERE.
            Facebook Event

            Gallery statement:
            “For his new series YOU ARE MY FREEDOM / I AM YOUR PRISON Stephane Leonard works with acrylic lacquer and spray paint on large-sized prints on canvases. He overlays the found prints, conceals messages and erases images. The information and photographs which lie under these drawings represent and stand for all the things we do not know, we do not see, and what we do not understand.

            The process of transformation and change of condition are topics which Stephane Leonard explores frequently in his work. In earlier series he has worked on adopted images and found footage. He fills in the intermediate spaces and inscribes signs of invisibility and the supernatural throughout the images.” (Lena Fliessbach)

              (for past news please follow this link > past)